Side Event Schedule
Friday September 1st

Hall opens at 5pm

8 Person Side Events
Registration Starts at 5:00pm (Local Time) We will continue to run these as long as we have 8 people to play, last one will begin no later then 9pm

Cost for tournaments: $5.00

Hall closes at 11pm

Saturday September 2nd

  • Registration for League Challenge will take place during 3rd round of swiss and lunch online only. Cost $6 No refunds will be given for anyone signing up and not playing in the League Challenge.

  • 1:00pm Side Events begin 8 person Tournaments (tcg & VG) all day Cost $5

  • 1:15-2pm League Challenge (tcg) check in (expanded format)

  • 8:00pm Last 8 person sign ups taken.

    ** Other side events may be available depending on interest.

    Sunday September 3rd

  • TCG League Challenge Online Registration begins after main Regionals Swiss rounds end on Saturday. No refunds will be given to those that sign up but do not show up. Register here

  • VG Premier Challenge registration from 11-11:45am. Best of one.

  • 10:00-10:30am League Challenge Check in

  • 10:00am League Challenge Start. (Standard format)

  • 10:30am 8 person Side Event Sign ups begin.

  • 11:00-11:30am Premier Challenge Check in

  • 11:45am VG Premier Challenge Start.

  • 6:00pm Last 8 person tournament sign ups taken.

  • 8:00pm Hall closes.

  • Side Event Prizes

    All Side Event prizes will be in the form of tickets, tickets can be exchanged for items on the prize wall at the event.