Pokemon Regional Championships Fort Wayne, IN
Tournament Info

Date: November 26th 2016*
Tournament Location:
Grand Wayne Center
Conference Room A & B1
120 West Jefferson Boulevard
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802
Time: Check in from 8:30am-9:30am (Local Time)

Play begins: After Check in is Finished

Cost for main tournament: Juniors and Seniors Age Division: $20.00
Masters Age Division: $30.00
Raichu Playmat Option is entry +25.00 (limited quantities)

*Note: Masters will finish Top Cut on November 27, this includes the second part of Swiss for the Masters. Juniors and Seniors will also finish top cut on November 27 unless attendance is low enough to allow this to be finished before 8pm on Saturday.

Online Registration: https://register-player.appspot.com/register/16-11-000282

Note: You must Register online and check in during times above to be in the tournament. Online Registration Guarantees Players a Seat in the Main Events. Early online Registration ends Nov 23. Late Registration begins Nov 24. Registration costs for late registration Masters:$40, Seniors/Juniors $25

Questions, comments, concerns?? Click here for contact info
What you need to Bring

  • POP ID #, If you don't have one or have lost yours, click here.
  • 60 card standard format deck (see below for info on standard format)
  • A die/coin and some damage counters, the dice used for flipping must be transparent
  • Extra money for food if you want to eat during breaks
  • Cards if you would like to trade with other players (we are not responsible for lost or stolen cards)

    Tournament Format

    All 60-card decks must be made to the current Standard Format which consists of cards from the following card sets:

    The Standard format for the 2017 season will consist of the following expansions:

    XY—Primal Clash
    Double Crisis
    XY—Roaring Skies
    XY—Ancient Origins
    XY—Fates Collide
    XY—Steam Siege
    McDonald's Collection 2015
    XY Trainer Kit—Latias and Latios
    XY Trainer Kit—Pikachu Libre and Suicune
    Black Star Promo Cards: XY36 and higher

    Tournament Structure
    All Ages Welcome!! Pokémon Organized Play separates players into three age divisions; Junior, Senior and Masters. The age division that a player participates in is set at the beginning of the tournament season, based on their year of birth, and does not change over the course of that season. This allows players to compete against the same pool of opponents over the course of the season.

    The age divisions are as follows: • Junior Division: Born in 2006 or later • Senior Division: Born in 2002, 2003, 2004 or 2005 • Masters Division: Born in 2001 or earlier


    All participants receive a Regional Championship promo card and playmat for entering, while supplies last.

    So what can you earn for winning? Pokemon Website prize listing for regionals

    Tentative Schedule

    This Schedule can and will change depending on attendance in each age group. This is the schedule for the TCG with the attendance we had last year for masters (worst case attendance wise).

    Event Schedule TCG
    Day 1 TCG
    Hall Opens 8am
    Reg Open 8:30am
    Reg Close 9:30am
    Roster 10:15am
    Swiss 1 10:30am
    Swiss 2 11:45am
    Swiss 3 1:00pm
    Lunch 2-3:00pm
    Swiss 4 3:15pm
    Swiss 5 4:30pm
    Swiss 6 5:45pm
    Swiss 7 6:00pm
    Swiss 8 7:15pm
    Swiss 9 8:30pm

    Day 2 TCG
    Hall Opens at 8am
    Swiss 1 8:30am
    Swiss 2 9:45am
    Swiss 3 11:00am
    Swiss 4 12:15pm
    Swiss 5 1:30pm
    Top 8 3:00pm
    Top 4 4:30pm
    Finals 6:00pm

    Pokemon Side Events

    8 person tournaments will run throughout the weekend. Other formats will be announced at the event. Friday they will begin at 4pm and go until 9pm. Friday will be in the Anthony Wayne Ballroom. Saturday they will start after the break. Estimated to be around 2pm. Sunday they will begin at 9:30am Both Saturday and Sunday will be in Main Hall.

    Food Information

    There will be a break during this tournament for food. The break will happen after round 3 of the Masters age group. All groups will break for lunch at the same time.

    Below is a map to the Grand Wayne Conference Center Area and where restaurants are located.

    Restaurants Location PDF

    Hotel Information

    Hilton Ft Wayne at the Grand Wayne Center
    1020 South Calhoun Street
    Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46802
    Phone: 260-420-1100

    Rooms for $99 a night.
    This hotel attached directly to the conference center.

    Hotel Room link

    Courtyard by Marriott
    1150 Harrison Street
    Fort Wayne, IN 46802
    Phone: 260-490-3629
    This is located across the street or accessible thru the 3rd floor walkway $89 a night Hotel Room link